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U primu ghjornu di JWELL di a mostra ITMA AISA + CITME in Shanghai

Tempu: 2021-06-12 Commentu: 75

On 12th, June, 2021, Jwell's Chemical Fiber Team attend 2021 CITME exhibition in Shanghai. Many friends and customers are visiting our booth. Followings are some pictures to share with you:


Chemical fiber2

FYI: Macchine di fibra JWELL co., Ltd (Suzhou) hè un impurtante centru di strategia di sviluppu è di cantina di fabricazione sottu u GRUPPU JWELL. Hè situatu in a zona industriale di Chengxiang,

Taicang, Suzhou City, 30 minutes far from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It covers an area of 20 hectares, and the workshop area is 120000 square meters, equipped with CNC machines and

standardized assembly workshop. More than 1000 employees, with high-quality design and R & D team and experienced mechanical and electrical commissioning engineer team.

With years of rich experience in chemical fiber industry, Shanghai Jwell dedicates to the design of chemical fiber project and equipment manufacture.

I nostri prudutti principali include: 

Ingegneria è fabricazione di machini di filatura di fibre chimiche in Poliestere POY, FDY, TCS è Spandex;

Serie JW: Poliestere, polipropilene è poliammide POY, FDY è filatu industriale Filatura chimica Macchina di filatura, PA6, PET cumpunente di filatura;

JW1260,JWA1260,JWA1380,JWA1500,JWA1680,JWA1800 series traverse cam type Automatic winders and JWAR1500,JWAR1680,JWAR1800 series birotor type Automatic winders;

Serie JWM20-200 Fibra Chimica Screw-Extruder.

For more information, you can also type the following links: